Titanium tubes

Seamless Titanium tube is made of titanium without welding through the formation of tube.
ASTM grades 1 to 4 are commercially pure (unalloyed). They vary in tensile strength as a function of oxygen content. In addition to the ASTM specifications, titanium alloys are also produced to meet aerospace specifications (SAE-AMS, MIL-T), ISO standards, and country-specific specifications, as well as proprietary end-user specifications for aerospace, medical, and industrial applications. Grade 2 is most popular among the titanium material.

Seamless titanium heat exchanger tube is widely used for industries like seawater heat exchange, salt water heat transfer, chemical, food, medicine, metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, electroplating industry and etc.

Products Size Thickness Length Grade Specification


OD5.0-114.0MM Thk0.6-4.5MM <=12000mm

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 9
Grade 7

Grade 12

AMS 4945

GB/T 3624
Pipes OD12-114.0MM Thk0.7-10mm <=12000mm


We also offer custom-cut size, thread, flared tubes, bending tubes for special projects. Our titanium tubes are widely used in chemical industry, Marine, Recreastion and pulp.